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We’re a group of internet marketers that decided we want to help local business in the United States grow and since we have first hand experience at marketing online Made By Gen was born. But why Made By Gen? We’ll we’re trying to be a little unique and design something that’s out of the ordinary – people seem to remember those kind of brands.

That being the case our focus will be supporting small town local business and especially those in the contractor niche. We want to work with Locksmiths, builders, repairman, water & heating, cleaners, pest control, roofing, kitchen remodeling, landscaping and more.

We prefer working with businesses that don’t already have a website, however if you’ve already got a website be sure to contact us and we can maybe work something out.

What do you got when working with us?

We design your website for you by either registering a brand new domain or simply creating a sub-domain on Made By Gen. If you go with the second option your website will look something like this:

Businesses already working with us

Pro Locksmiths in Modesto California:

Want to start working with us?

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